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The Incite Mill Streaming Complet HD

The Incite Mill Streaming Complet Vf Ten people gather together at a complex named “Ankikan” after hearing of a short term job paying 112,000 Yen ($1,236 USD) per hour. The ten people are informed that they will be monitored 24 hours a day for 7 days straight in a psychological experiment. They are then sent to individual rooms with a different weapon located in each room. Once they are locked in they learn the rules of the psychological experiment. 1.) Each person must return to their room by 10 PM. 2.) At the end of 7 days or when there are only two surviving members left alive the experiment will end. The next day a person is found shot to death. Now, what looked like a dream job will turn into a nightmare …

  • Release: 2010-10-16
  • Rating: 5.7
  • Production: Warner Bros. Pictures /
  • Genre: Drama Horror Thriller

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The Incite Mill
The Incite Mill

Directeur de film et équipage derrière The Incite Mill

  • Hideo Nakata
  • Satoshi Suzuki
  • Honobu Yonezawa
    Original Story

Date de sortie:
JP 2010-10-16

Budget du film:

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The Incite Mill – Acteurs de cinéma et actrice

The Incite Mill

Tatsuya Fujiwara
Yuki Satoshihisa
The Incite Mill

Haruka Ayase
Shoko Suwamei
The Incite Mill

Satomi Ishihara
Biyoru Sekimizu
The Incite Mill

Tsuyoshi Abe
Takehiro Osako
The Incite Mill

Aya Hirayama
Wakana Tachibana
The Incite Mill

Shinji Takeda
Sousuke Iwai

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